Sunday, February 18, 2007

"Ballstonization", One Salve for Sprawl

Today's Post has an interesting article on what, at this point, should be fairly common sense: The areas surrounding Metro stations in the DC region should be high-density, walkable, mixed-use communities. The prime example of the successfulness of this model is Ballston, VA.

Some are perplexed as to how bringing more people to a community could possibly reduce congestion, but the reality is, in a well-connected neighborhood, like those surrounding metro stations, once a critical mass is achieved, businesses and amenities can sustain themselves largely based on the foot traffic from the area, and individuals are able to work either in their community, or within the range of public transit, reducing the need for car trips.

We know building more roads isn't the solution, and given that each of these metro stops represents tens of millions of dollars in public investment, it's important that we take full advantage of these resources and focus growth where it makes sense.

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