Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Annapolis Ward 8 Election Preview

Today's Capital covers the race for the Aldermanic seat that was vacated by Josh Cohen's election to the County Council. Two Democrats, Ross Arnett and Paul Foer, are facing off against two Republicans, Frank Bradley and Joel Saline.

Candidate Profiles:

  • Ross Arnett (D) - Former president of the Eastport Civic Association. Interested in controlling growth, reducing crime by improving street lighting, and empowering neighborhood watch groups.

  • Paul Foer (D) - Former transportation consultant and city Department of Transportation employee. His platform centers on "the environment, public transportation, public safety and changing the mayoral system to include a city manager to be hired and fired by the council."

  • Frank Bradley (R) - Retired business owner. His primary focus is public safety, with a eye to environmental and growth issues.

  • Joel Saline (R) - Solid-waste engineering company employee. Interested in increasing public safety and focusing on sensible growth.

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