Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Owens Shows Her True Colors

Surprise, surprise. County Executive and developer flak Janet Owens is entertaining a shot at running as Governor Ehrlich's Lt. Governor in 2006. On Tuesday, the Capital reported that aides to the Guv have contacted local Republicans about possibly having the Quisling Queen join the ticket for the next election.

Ehrlich has, in the past, said he would prefer a Democrat from the "Schaefer wing" of the Party, suggesting that he'd like someone conservative, pig-headed, and several cards shy of a full deck. Owens, unsurprisingly, considers herself of the "Schaefer wing."

Odds are, Ehrlich won't end up picking her, but word on the street is prominent Democrats aspiring for the governorship are keeping their distance as well. Here's hoping the Queen of Sprawl is retired from politics for good after this abysmal term ends.