Monday, February 28, 2005

Truxton Trails

On this cold, wintry day, another local getaway from a reader, Rob S.

I'd like to offer up Truxton Park. It's a much overlooked park, sitting right in between Eastport and Annapolis. There are trails overlooking Spa Cove, and trails that meander through the stream vally in between the softball fields and the tennis courts. The foot-traffic is lower than in Quiet Waters. I could often go there and sit, overlooking the cove, just listening to the birds in solitude. For you fellow swimmers out there, there's also a sizeable community swimming pool. This park is not just overlooked by many in Annapolis, but it's overlooked by the city government. The trails have experienced severe erosion, and have only recently been repaired by the city. Before that, it was usually volunteer groups that did much of the maintenence. It's also a shame that the city of Annapolis allowed August Woods, which is adjacent to the park across Primrose Rd., to be developed into upscale townhouses. This forest would have been a nice addition to Truxton park, especially when considering the population increase that Annapolis is bound to experience, from the recent drive to build more housing on the West St. corridor, as well as Parole.

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