Tuesday, September 26, 2006

District 30 Surprise

Turns out the District 30 race is going to be a little more interesting than 3 Democrats v. 3 Republicans. The "Constitution" Party, America's Taliban-lite, has an entrant in the District race where Democrats and Republicans have historically been separated by a razor-thin margin. David Whitney, Pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Free Church of Pasadena, will be running at local Republicans, Ron George, Andy Smarick, and Ron Elfenbein from their right. Keep in mind, all three Republicans are pro-life, anti-tax, and pro-corporate interests.

Whitney is running his campaign based on opposition to same-sex marriage, the right-to-choose, and implementing his biblical interpretation of the State Constitution. Exactly what impact this will have on the general election is difficult to say, but one would certainly expect it to cut into Republican vote totals, and, perhaps, force Smarick, Elfenbein, and George to pitch their messages rightward to co-opt Whitney's thunder.

Oddly, Pasadena seems to be a hotbed of "Constitution" Party activity, giving rise to their 2004 Presidential candidate, Michael Peroutka, and, apparently, nurturing the religious right views of Delegate Don Dwyer, whom many Republicans feel is a Republican for reasons of political convenience rather than conviction (Dwyer supported Peroutka, rather than George W Bush for President in 2004). The "Constitution" party affinity apparently runs in the family. Republican primary-loser, and brother-in-law of Dwyer, Les Belcher, seems to have thrown his support behind Whitney (many of the Belcher billboard signs now have Whitney signs in their place).



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